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Annodamento Ciglia (Knotting Eyelashes)

Oil on canvas, pure amber varnish, 60x90cm (23x35 inch), 2023

The work “Annodamento Ciglia”, oil on canvas, reflects the youths’ look into the future ahead of us. The look forward is often filled with fear and paranoia, especially during times of crisis, and is accompanied by a feeling that one can do nothing but accept that our time and our lives cannot be escaped. Neema expresses her view that in order to achieve positive change and development for a better, brighter future, we cannot allow ourselves to restrict our field of view. Only a connected view, with our eyes forced to be kept open, and taking in our surrounding and environment as a whole can lead to that positive change and development in the future. Seeing and having to see, the unpleasant and unfiltered realities of our times can lead to a more thoughtful and understanding population, who cares about the impact we have on our nature and planet.

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